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Dear music lover,
Welcome to reson.boutique with an overview of the headphones of the reson range.
Earlier, headphones were available as an accessory for the occasional musical enjoyment at home late at night. Our smart – always with us – phones have changed a lot: now Google information office, camera and Walkman/iPod successor too. In addition to the almost invisible in-ear headphones, you can see more and more obvious headphones in the public. Thus, headphones are now also a fashionable accessory. Of course, the sound quality, which unfortunately which often misses out, would be most important.
PerfectSound, Taiwan, thanks to years of experience as a driver manufacturer, guarantees best possible sound also directly from iPhone & Co.
Here is an overview of PerfectSounds attractive headphone range full of innovative ideas in the best possible execution and new with the advantages of fascinating modularity. Have fun exploring our musical headphones with the great EXTRAs.

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